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Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY Fridge Coasters/Fridge Organization/Keeping Fridge Clean!

This is how my fridge usually looks:
Ok, I'm not gonna lie.....this is how it looks on a GOOD day! :)  I just cleaned the main shelves last week because they were looking so gross.  Here's what I'm getting at: I think I would be interested in keeping my fridge cleaned up if it wasn't such a daunting task.  Hence, the concept of "fridge coasters!"

I was recently introduced to the concept of fridge coasters from Jen's blog "I Heart Organizing."  I love the idea to have something cute lining the shelves, and then pulling them out to easily wash and dry them and put back, but they seemed pricey to me, so I began the hunt for a DIY version.  This is what I came up with. 

I purchased place mats from the dollar store.  When I went in search for them, I was thinking I'd buy plain ones and paint chevron stripes (or some other cute pattern!)  onto them.  So when I saw these babies, I  was excited and decided I could skip the whole painting part!  Woohoo!

I measured
I cut
I used clear packing tape to piece it together (this was for my bigger shelves...the small ones on the door didn't need to be pieced together)
Cool, huh?  It makes me smile to see the fun pattern! :)
I just placed the mats in, I did not adhere them to the shelves.
My fridge already had two blue removable "coasters" that came with 2 of the door shelves.  So, I didn't see the need to replace those.  But maybe I will so all of it is zebra print..?!
I bought 7 place mats, but I didn't have enough to do the bottom two drawers.  When I go to the dollar store next time, I'll get two more so I can finish up.  It makes me happy to open the fridge and see the cuteness (and the cleanliness!). It will hopefully get me in gear to keep it clean because I can easily pull the mats out and wash them in the sink and, dry them and put them back.